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Is it worth hiring a freelancer to manage social media?

Many entrepreneurs, digital or not, have certain difficulties in managing their company’s social networks, due to a large number of facts, such as lack of time, experience, and even a taste for the thing. In this sense, many think about hiring freelancers for the proper management of their company’s social networks. But before we talk specifically about the professional who manages a company’s social networks, we need to keep in mind what their real functions are, so that it is clearer whether or not you need a freelancer.

Social media management is much more than just “posting” content. Today social networks that are widely used have the possibility of being able to manage your pages, evaluate reach, and impacted people, whereas the professional who manages this type of content will have the possibility of setting goals and planning actions to increase this reach even more. Facebook, for example, allows the use of paid advertisements, which also need to be constantly managed, as there is no precision in total likes or clicks, and the good entrepreneur always seeks to make the most of his investments.

Anyway, the tasks of a professional who manages social networks are basically:

  • Create unique and relevant content for your audience;
  • Post content at the most relevant times;
  • Evaluate the metrics, when applicable;
  • Respond to comments and questions;
  • Check user interaction;
  • Control values ​​per click and like, in the case of Facebook;

These are some of the main attributions of the professional who will manage social networks, but it is logical that there are many others. Therefore, what you need to evaluate when deciding whether or not to hire a professional for your social networks and what to evaluate in them, is quite broad.
To hire or not to hire a freelancer to manage social media?

To know whether or not you need a freelancer to manage your social networks, you need to calculate the cost-benefit, if your business really benefits in a concrete way from this, and if you have a reliable and competent professional. In the later case, you need to evaluate some situations before hiring a freelancer to manage your social networks:

  • Availability of time: after all, he needs to be constantly connected, to answer questions and be able to see the best times;
  • He knows how to write well: with the plethora of content posted daily on social networks, the freelancer who will manage his own needs to write well and understand persuasion and mental triggers so that there is a better conversion. In this sense, this article can help you define some priorities;
  • Image editing skills: not all cases need it, but knowing how to edit at least some images in a basic way is essential for your social media pages to be more relevant;
  • Commitment: a freelancer who manages his social networks needs to be constantly working and be connected and meeting deadlines, otherwise his strategies will not work out;

These are some of the situations you need to assess whether or not it’s worth hiring a freelancer to manage your social media. In the overwhelming majority of cases, this relationship is quite profitable and the entrepreneur benefits greatly, as long as he is assisted by a good professional. Here at you will find some of the best freelancers around the world, and you will definitely find the one who will manage your social networks the best!

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