Design Director

September 16, 2023

Job Description

One complaint you’ll always hear about visual design folks is that they want to take over the world. It’s like UI stands for the Universe Is-mine or something. If you’re a visual designer, you’re either constantly backing away from this stereotype, or you’re embracing it fully. We’re looking for the latter. Our client is a premier medical center, and they’re looking for a design pro to guide the process of implementing an integrated visual style guide for their entire suite of websites. If you’re ready to be an asset emperor (visual viscount? design demagogue? idk), then seek your destiny by reading on.

Alignment. Cohesion. Collectivity. Congruity. Pardon me, I was just reading the thesaurus entry for the word “this job.” But that’s what it’s all about, really. Our client’s got a whole boatload (cue foghorn) of digital properties and they could really use a magnificent, integrated style guide for their visual design. That’s why they need someone like YOU to comb through all those websites and work with stakeholders, UX peeps and more as a design evangelist/ambassador to make sure everything is gorgeous and unified. You will create a document that will inform all new properties to come, and then and only then will you be the sire of style, king of creative or, if you please, THE GUIDE GOD.

Hired Guns Profile

If I said that you were a cross-functionally competent visual designer with a penchant for concepting and identity design, would you hold it against me? And by “hold it against me” I mean would you verify that yes, this is the correct way of taxonomizing your professional identity? If so, then get your crown and scepter because YOU ARE THE ONE for this job. And I would say don’t let it go to your head, but we actually want it to go to your head because that’s the kind of bull-headed, uncompromising confidence we need for this role. For you are THE GUIDE GOD. And no one can take that away from you. No one. Unless you get fired or die.

Inside Skinny

The general A E S T H E T I C of these websites is professional, friendly and minimalistic. Try to avoid anything that looks like this Corey Feldman album art.


We thought we ran out of alliterative witticisms for this role but one more would be responsiveness royalty. It’s not great so we put it at the bottom. Anway, apply now!

All qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, creed, age, sexual orientation, veteran status, marital status, disability, or any other status protected by applicable law.