Senior Engineer

September 17, 2023

Job Description

Job Title: Senior Engineer
Duration: 12 Months
Location: Lake Buena Vista, FL
* Fluent in core scripting languages and advanced skills in programming languages (e.g. Python, Node, Java, etc) with ability to build test coverage for all software being developed.
* Systems administration expertise with Linux and platforms, including OS performance monitoring, setup, configuration, tuning, and troubleshooting.
* Experience with a major Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tool (e.g. AppDynamics, New Relic)
* Networking skills and protocols (e.g. HTTP, TLS, SSH, DNS)
* Continuous Integration (CI) Pipeline knowledge (e.g. Jenkins, Gitlab CI)
* Experience with Distributed Systems and Container Platforms (e.g. Kubernetes/GKE, ECS, Fargate)
* Experience with Source Control Management systems (e.g. Git)
* Expertise in public and private cloud hosting services (AWS, Cloud, Azure)
* Expert in web server technologies (e.g. Apache, Node.js, Nginx, Tomcat) including setup, configuration, performance monitoring, tuning, clustering, and debugging.
* Proficient with data technologies (e.g. NoSQL, MySQL, Redis, Elastic) including being able to perform basic setup, configuration, and troubleshooting.
* Able to implement existing base standards for new systems and/or applications for all of the following: o Site/Systems monitoring and instrumentation o Application monitoring and instrumentation o System monitoring and instrumentation o Resilience, performance & Telemetry data
* Able to diagnose simple to complex system and process problems.
* Demonstrate exceptional troubleshooting methodology, including the ability to author and instruct new methodologies to the SRE team.
* Independently resolve moderately to highly complex system and application incidents.
* Able to identify and propose system and application fixes for performance bottlenecks.
* Able to evaluate new application requirements for capacity and run-time best practices.
* Able to evaluate new systems and/or infrastructure solutions for technical feasibility against known requirements and standards.PDN-99ee688b-43a2-493f-986d-2337b80f20f8